Industrial acoustic soundproofing

Acoustic soundproofing

ECOAR develops studies and consultancy projects in matters of noise control, specific solutions for each situation and machinery.

ECOAR develops studies and consultancy projects in matters of noise control, specific solutions for each situation and machinery.

Modular acoustic cabins that allow us to quickly install or replace panels in case of breakage. Creation of soundproof enclosures to isolate the machinery and protect the operator, or simply create a rest area in the middle of a factory with high sound pressure.

  • Soundproof booth for grinding or polishing materials.
  • Cabin for press switchboards
  • Cabin for compressor room
  • Cabin soundproofing fan
  • Cooling cabin or soundproofing of cold equipment.
  • Soundproof cabin air conditioning

Acoustic panels of different thicknesses 50 mm, 80 mm, etc. and densities to reduce the necessary decibels, from 30-50 dBA.

We complete any type of acoustic insulation or acoustic conditioning with acoustic doors and acoustic visors, depending on the insulation you want to achieve, we have a wide range of acoustic doors.

Standard and custom manufacturing of acoustic doors and acoustic viewers.

We design the acoustic silencer and the acoustic grilles according to the needs of the installation.

  • Round silencer.
  • Rectangular silencer or silencer with parallel blades.
  • Compressor room silencer
    chimney silencer
  • Acoustic silencer steam lines
    acoustic grilles

Supply of acoustic insulation that reflects most of the energy they receive. They are usually flexible and heavy materials to obtain maximum performance. We use them to attenuate the passage of noise between different environments on floors, walls and ceilings.

Supply of acoustic absorbent materials to prevent sound reflection and avoid noise problems.

Lagging and thermal insulation of facilities or equipment whose operating temperature is higher than the ambient temperature.

The flexible materials used are rock wool blankets and glass wool blankets, rigid materials such as polyurethane foam or cork can also be used.

Own manufacturing and assembly

We take care of all the processes involved in the manufacture and assembly of our bag filters.

Flexible teams.

We focus our product on the construction of customized bag filter units designed specifically to cover the customer needs.

Services post-sale

Change and/or supply of filter bags for all types of bag filters, cartridges, Solenoid valves, boilers, cleaning economizers, cutting gates, rotary discharge valves, endless screws, discharge containers, fans...

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