Suction and filtering equipment

High performance industrial suction filters

ECOAR develops and manufactures air filtration equipment to minimize emissions into the atmosphere.

High performance industrial suction filters to minimize emissions into the atmosphere.
ECOAR technology for a cleaner environment.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the development of solutions to optimize the suction systems caused by the processes of production, handling and transport of powdery raw materials of our clients. We guarantee compliance with the legal limit values ​​for dust emissions and contribute to minimizing energy consumption. Custom solutions to ensure the best filtration solution.

For effective suction, we create a depression at the point of dust production and through the designed piping network, we conduct the vacuumed dust to the bag filter or dust collector. Correctly sizing the suction network is essential for proper functioning of the filtering equipment.

We design the bag filter based on the type of dust and concentration, the granulometry and the specific properties of each type of dust.

At ECOAR we design and manufacture bag filters, essential in industries or industrial processes that emit emissions into the atmosphere, so that the air comes out free of particles that may be harmful to the environment, for this we use filter bags adapted to each industry and each type of product that needs to be vacuumed in a wide range of industries: ceramics, bricks and tiles, cement, paints, mining, chemical industries, glass, food, etc…

Bag filters and cartridge filters are capable of collecting high loads of particles resulting from industrial processes in many different sectors, such as: cement, plaster, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, steel, lime, mining, etc. Knowing how to design a baghouse to ensure reliable operation in different environments is a demanding engineering task. At ECOAR we solve projects with theoretical knowledge and more than 25 years of practical experience.

Filtering fabrics for bag filters.

One of the main elements of the bag filters is the filtering fabric, it is necessary to choose the appropriate fabric, and thus manufacture the filter bags according to each need, it is necessary to take into account the size of the particles, humidity, temperature of work and the specific properties of each product.

Cleaning of sleeves.

The cleaning of the bags is another aspect to take into account for the proper functioning of the dust collectors. The cleaning is carried out against the current by means of the compressed air stored in the blowing pot. Using the latest technology in economizing equipment to carry out the blowing, said blowing is carried out when a programmed pressure differential is reached.

We design modular bag filters that allow cleaning without suction, but with the dust collection equipment in operation, this allows the industrial process to be vacuumed and favors the detachment of the product sucked from the filter bag.

Own manufacturing and assembly

We take care of all the processes involved in the manufacture and assembly of our bag filters.

flexible teams

We focus our product on the construction of custom baghouse filter units designed specifically to cover the customer needs.

Services post-sale

Change and/or supply of filter bags for all types of bag filters, cartridges, solenoid valves, boilers, cleaning economizers, cutting gates, rotary discharge valves, endless screws, discharge containers, fans...