Pneumatic transport of solids

Pneumatic transport of solids

ECOAR, design and assembly of facilities for the pneumatic transport of granulated or powdered solids.

ECOAR, design and assembly of facilities for the pneumatic transport of granulated or powdered solids.

Pneumatic transport is the best system for the transport, loading and/or unloading of granular, powdery and micronized products of any density.

Based on the movement of solids in an air current at a certain speed and in a specific direction, we calculate the volume and pressure of air necessary in each case, depending on the distance to be traveled and the nature of the product to be transported.

Facilities equipped with all the elements to provide the best service.

  • Centrifugal fan.
  • Loading system (hopper, dosing valve,…).
  • Cyclone and discharge system (discharge rotary valve,…).
  • Ecoar bag filter.
  • Set of pipes or ducts.
    storage silos
  • Structures for big-bags
  • Deposits

For a low concentration of product, pneumatic transport is used in a diluted phase, high speed and low pressure, this system is suitable for powdery and granular products that are not very sensitive.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying is based on low speed and medium-high pressure. This system is suitable for products that are sensitive to breakage, abrasives, demixing, etc.

Pneumatic transport offers a series of advantages such as operational safety, assembly facilities, replacement of elements due to breakage, etc…, compared to other mechanical transport systems such as belts, endless screws, bucket elevators, etc.

Own manufacturing and assembly

We take care of all the processes involved in the manufacture and assembly of our bag filters.

Flexible teams.

We focus our product on the construction of customized bag filter units designed specifically to cover the customer needs.

Services post-sale

Change and/or supply of filter bags for all types of bag filters, cartridges, Solenoid valves, boilers, cleaning economizers, cutting gates, rotary discharge valves, endless screws, discharge containers, fans...

Pneumatic transport
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